Friday, 6 September 2013

Why using the dishwasher is the latest cooking phenomenon


Using a dishwasher to cook meals has become an increasingly popular cooking technique, and the results are reportedly surprisingly good.
Italian food writer Lisa Casali has said that food can be cooked within a normal dishwasher cycle as long as it is tightly sealed.
According to Casali if the food is contained in a vacuum packed bag or an airtight container it will not be touched by the dishwasher tablets or dirt from the crockery.
She says that the method is enviromentally friendly because it enables you to clean your dishes while cooking at the same time.
Casali has herself written a book about the idea called "Cucinare in lavastoviglie" translated as "Cooking in the dishwasher” and posted several videos of her demonstrating the technique online.

Personally I'm not sure I could do this. would worry the lid would come off or I'd get a hole in the bag. Think I will stick with the more conventional ways of cooking..
what do people think?

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