Monday, 9 September 2013

50 Facts About ME!

1. I'm a shorty, only 4ft 11in short. my partner is 6ft 2in tall
2. I have got two children, a girl 27 and boy 17 and one grandson  11 months
3.I have been married.
4. I am now divorced after almost 25 years of marriage
5. I had a divorce cake

6. I like my tea strong, not to much milk and a little sugar
7. As a teenager I used to ice dance
8. I share my birthday with Tinie Tempah
9. I used to dye my hair blonde
10. I am a chocoholic,anything chocolatey, I'm your girl

11. At primary school I played netball for Islington
12. I hate coffee. Don't like the smell or taste
13. I love watching WWE wrestling, have been a fan since 1985 
14. If I was a boy I was going to be called Mark!
15. I support Arsenal. I have done since I was little

16. My favourite number is 7
17. I love New York, my front room is done up in New York stuff
18. I was up the WTC 3 months before 9/11
19. I love my ipad mini
20. I can do sign Language

21.My favourite colour is RED
22. I hate cyclist who jump red lights and ride on the pavement
23. I'm a secret candy crusher
24. I do NOT have a face book account, probably the only person who don't
25. I am left handed and at school I was made to sit on my left hand and made to write with my right hand

26. My great great great grandmother was the 4th victim of Jack the Ripper
27. I went to see David Cassidy in the musical TIME over 30 times
28. I have one sister
29. I like to sit and people watch
30. I love tattoos, I have 2 one on each ankle and I plan on getting more

31. I am a cat lover, I do not like dogs
32. I love all things Disney
33. I have weird mixed up dreams, which I can often recall on waking
34. I tend to write lists for everything. I did 3 just for this!
35. My favourite group when I was younger was the Monkees

36. I am a total clean freak, if i see dust or dirt I have to clean it up
37. I am a Scorpio, which  definitely shows; I got a sting in my tail
38. I can not eat fish with the head on, can't eat something that's looking at me
39. I love all things peanut butter
40. I met my partner on MYSPACE

41. I have never ever smoked a cigarette
42. my first record I brought was "Thank you very much" by the Scaffolds
43. I believe in the afterlife and have visited a medium
44. I love watching Eastenders
45. I was once on the 70's childrens TV show MAGPIE

46. At my daughters wedding, I gave the father of the brides speech
47. I don't like horror films
48. My age in 2 months
49. I love taking photos, of family, friends, the cat and trees!
50. I love everything to do with Christmas


  1. what a really lovely post and a really revealing!! on several of them i was nodding as i agreed with them! lol

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. Fab post and I'm with you on the cat, dog thing!

  3. Ooooh amazing and very intresting facts x love Disney too x

  4. great post, i am a chocoholic too lol xx