Thursday, 19 September 2013

Age old problem of how to boil the perfect egg is finally cracked

from Daily Express, by Sarah Ann Harris:

 How to boil the perfect egg is finally cracked

WHETHER you like your egg runny, medium or hard-boiled, most people have struggled to get theirs just right.

One US company has finally come up with a solution that doesn't involve meticulous timing or standing over the stove.

The Rollie Eggmaster is an ingenious new device which helps to take the stress out of cooking eggs, leaving users free to get on with their morning routine.

Users simply crack two eggs into the Eggmaster's upright cylinder, place the wooden skewer inside and select a desired cooking time.

They return minutes later to perfectly cooked eggs wrapped around the eight inch long skewer.

Manufacturers Kalorik claim the product is perfect for students, singletons, dieters, people on high protein diets and those who just can't cook eggs.

Jill Frederico, from US-based Kalorik, said: "The Eggmaster came to life because we were looking for a quicker way to make eggs without the hassle or the mess you normally get.

"It's great for when you're on the go - you can cook your eggs on stick and take it to go, plus kids love the idea of eggs on a stick.

"It's also ideal for somebody who lives alone, on a high protein diet or wanting to control portion sizes.

The machine costs £19 and is due to hit UK shelves in the coming months.

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