Sunday, 5 January 2014

Winter Wonderland

Just before Christmas myself and my daughter took Theo to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

he was all wrapped up just as well as it was freezing, not that it seemed to worry Theo.

he loved the little train ride with his mum and didnt want to get off when it stopped

I loved the gingerbread hearts, just had to take a pic

Theo enjoyed the music that came from this ride and was dancing in his pushchair

had to take photo of the chocolate fountains yum yum

Theo loved it all the snowmen, father Christmas, the lights and snow

gonna have to take him back next year

sunday photo

Little Theo is beginning to take his first steps. 

He forgets himself sometimes and lets go standing alone for a few seconds.

He is now using the walker, hes been a lazy little tike prefering to crawl everywhere but I got a feeling this is now the start of a lot more trouble. 

better batten down the hatches 
Theo Alert!!!