Monday, 23 September 2013

Chocolate Soreen

Whilst shopping at the weekend, I stumbled upon this in the bread/cake aisle.

Infact I heard this rather well to do lady speaking to her I suspect to be her husband " oh look CHOCOLATE Soreen" she cried.

At that point I was just passing by and stopped in my tracks at the word chocolate!
I've always loved Soreen, but to hear its turned chocolatey I was intrigued. 

When I got to the shelf I was greeted with a delightful purple packet with the word CHOCOLATE on the front..
YES I thought
On closer inspection I read on the packet it was a limited edition version celebrating 75 years of Soreen.

 "A chocolatey malt loaf with indulgent chocolate chips" I just had to buy one.

So tonight I opened it , it cuts like the original malt loaf, nice and squidgy.
my son and my partner were waiting in line for a taste and we weren't disappointed. it was lovely and the little chocolate chips are an added bonus.

So the chocolate Soreen gets 2 thumbs up in out household. and I can say it went down very nicely with a nice cup of hot chocolate 

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