Sunday, 22 September 2013

a trip up the Shard

We had decided as a family we would go up the Shard once they started to let people up there, but one thing or another it didn't quite turn out like that.

What with work commitments and just getting everyone together was a nightmare. Then some family members including my children wouldn't go up - scared of heights LOL neither would my mum and my aunt.

So it was left to myself, my partner Paul, my dad, my uncle and my cousin David and his son Conor.

Unfortunately weather wise we could have picked a better day, but hey when you book in advance you can not predict the weather..

Its £25 to go up the Shard, but if you go along on the day and fancy going up there they charge a whooping £100 YES one hundred English pounds to turn up on the spur of the moment..

So if you do fancy it book it up in advance save some money.

Some might say £25 is even to much, but once you are up the top, the money is well worth the views you get.

This is the London Hospital Whitechapel right next to where I work

Not entirely sure what they were looking at

My dad thought he was on the star ship Enterprise with this view finder

At the beginning of your journey up the 72 floors the staff take your photo and at the end you can purchase them. These are pricey too but my uncle brought them and then I was given the job of adding the email address for the others to download at our pleasure 

All in all it was a great experience not sure I would do it again, I would if someone paid for me LOL


  1. Great views but goodness me, that is rather expensive!

  2. Good to know about the prebooking and on the day difference in costs! I was planning to visit the Shard when we went back to London but will now be watching out the weather forecasts before I plan - and prebook - a visit!
    popping over here from #pocolo

  3. That is rather a lot of money - especially on the day! The views are fabulous, it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing with PoCoLo x