Monday, 30 September 2013

On this day 125 years ago

After work today I went a short distance from my workplace to Aldgate, and to Mitre Square
to lay some flowers near the spot where Catherine Eddowes, my Great Great Great Grandmother was so cruelly killed.

The area has changed so much in the past year with building works and new tall office blocks seeming to pop up all around - the sign of the times I guess. The neighbouring school had just finished for the day and parents and pupils were busy leaving and walking past the very spot yet I doubt any of them had any clue as to what history lay on their very door step and probably have never heard of Catherine Eddowes.

 But the benches and the flower beds are still there as I remembered them  and it was is there where I left the yellow and white flowers in memory of Catherine.


  1. That is some ancestor! It's lovely that you take the time to remember her.

  2. I remember your earlier post about Catherine. This is such a poignant and lovely thing to do to remember her by. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x