Thursday, 19 September 2013

33 things a child should do by the age of 10

I found this list amongst some of my papers at work - I'm a SENCO and a child care worker

I wonder how many of us adults HAVEN'T done these.. There are some I certainly haven't done.

1. Make a mud pie

2. roll down a grassy bank
3.collect frog spawn
4. make perfume from flower petals
5. prepare playdough

6. grow cress on a window sill
7. make a papier mache mask
8. build a sand castle
9. make a den in the garden
10 climb a tree

11.paint using hands and feet
12. organise a teddy bears picnic
13. have a face painting session
14. bury a friend in the sand but not completely
15. bake some bread

16. make snow angels
17. create a clay sculpture
18. take part in a scavenger hunt
19. bake a cake
20 camp out in the garden

21. feed a farm animal
22. pick some strawberries
23. play pooh sticks
24. recognise 5 bird species
25. find some worms

26. cycle through a muddy puddle
27. make and fly a kite
28. plant a tree
29. build a nest from grass and twigs
30. find 10 different leaves in the park
31. grow vegetables
32. create a mini assault course in the garden
33. make breakfast in bed for mum/dad


  1. A good list. I didn't camp out in the garden and don't intend to start now! Did live in the country though so cycling through muddy puddles etc was easy :)

    1. Same here I've never camp out anywhere and I have no intention to do do .. To many spiders hehe

  2. I remember trying to make perfume with a friend as a child, it certainly was not a pleasant smell. I don't think we did it right :)