Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Trip to the Arsenal Stadium

As part of my son's 18th birthday we all went to the Emirates stadium, which isnt that far from us, we walked in in 10 minutes..

we have always been Arsenal fans so we knew we had to take Theo there, even tho his dad is a Man Utd fan.. lol  funny thing is though he actually works in the stadium in the bar so he knew his way around.

Bradley and me have been a few times before but my daughter and her husband and of course lil Theo have not done the tour before.

so once in there we were given a head set and a little unit which showed you parts of the stadium you were going to see as well as video clips of the gunners playing

Lil Theo loved it all and was very happy laughing with delight -- i knew he'd be a gooner (Arsenal supporter)


we went out to the directors box and sat in the comfy seats the directors have and took some pics of us there and of the pitch

I love this photo of the three of us.

we headed to the Arsenal dressing room

of course we had to sit Theo by his name sakes shirt and he seemed to know this and was so excited

I had to have a pic with my Haringey Racers sweatshirt on.and sat next to Ozil shirt

we then went to go out onto the pitch, we couldnt go onto the grass as obviously it needs to be kept perfect for the players, but we went down the tunnel and Theo held my hand as we walked the whole length

I told him that one day he would walk down here as a mascot with the team and then he will walk down here as a player, then he could buy his nan a nice big house LOL

We had a great time there and yes I did say it was for my son's 18th birthday yet you are probably wondering where is his photo.. hmm like must teenage boys he wont have his photo taken well unless he dont know you are taking it..

sorry Brad..

but he enjoyed himself as did we all
 next top a meal at the diner at the Angel today

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