Monday, 21 October 2013

The London Haringay Racers

Ice Hockey

My partner Paul loves ice hockey, he comes from Guildford and always went to watch the Guildford Flames every week. I went with him  once when we first started dating, however his friend's wife and her friends gave me a frosty reception and it was colder in the stands than it was on the ice. So I wasn't really into it.

Many many moons ago when I was teenager I used to ice dance at the Sobel sports centre in Holloway and I used to stay behind to watch the guys practice their ice hockey.

Then a few weeks ago I saw on groupon that there was an offer to see the Haringay racers for half price. My partner jumped in there straight away and said yep lets go. 
so I booked the tickets and away we went.

we had a great time, much better than my experience at Guildford. yes the rink is smaller at Ally Pally and they don't have the large fan base following then but those who were there, cheered the racers on. unfortunately the Racers lost against Oxford, but it didn't put us off going again.

So last Saturday we went again, this time camera in hand - flash off guys. it was a great game the Racers played well and they won 7-1  

After 5 games the Racers are second in the English National South 2 
I am upset that I will miss the next home match due to a holiday but we will be there at Alexandra Palace for the next one on 30th November


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